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Everest Underwriting enjoys a strong and experience team, who managed hundreds of public equity deals. Among those, some of Israel's most largest IPOs and privatization processes.
We offer our clients an easy access to markets along with supportive analysis for the after market phase.


The Everest Underwriting team specializes in public bond offerings for local and international corporations looking to issue debt on the TASE (Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange). We offer a very attractive platform for companies to access new funding forms with a low-interest-rate environment and high demand from long-term savings institutions. The Israeli bond market is open to non-secured debt, senior secured, mezzanine and all at very attractive terms.


Continuously involved and up-to-date, holding an in-depth familiarity with a variety of capital markets, the Israeli economy and a vast network of connections - all provide our team with a significant advantage in identifying opportunities of tender offers for various companies in the economy and in accompanying the tender offer process through to the final acquisition.


As part of our intensive relationship with capital markets investors we support our clients with non-deal road shows in Israel using our analysis team.

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